Medical Retina


Medical Retina

We treat all conditions that effect the retina and macula, including;

Retinal Imaging

Diagnosing and treating retinal conditions often requires different investigations which each look at a different part of the anatomy or function of the retina. This is known as “multimodal imaging” and enables a much better understanding of what treatments to use and also to monitor the responses to treatment.

We offer a range of tailored investigations to aid in the diagnosis and management of your condition: 

Spectral-domain OCT
An essential non-invasive test providing cross-sectional images through the retina – like a “living biopsy” without having to actually take a biopsy.

Widefield retinal photography
Helps investigate conditions affecting the whole retina and document these for monitoring and response to treatment

Fluorescein and indocyanine green angiography
‘Dye tests’ involving an injection of a water-based dye into your hand or arm and photographs taken as this circulates around the blood vessels in the retina. 
Very valuable for any conditions affecting blood vessels.

B-scan ultrasound
Just like ultrasound used for other conditions – very valuable to check the status of the retina if we cannot see it as a result of bleeding for example, retinal detachments and tears, lumps and
  bumps at the back of the eye, inflammation

Visual field testing
Used to check the center part and peripheral parts of your vision.

Electrodiagnostic testing
Occasional required to investigate how the cells in the retina or optic nerve are working – particularly in suspected genetic cases.